The culture transformation approach of Richard Barrett is a framework to understand how individuals, teams and organisations develop and grow. The base is an effective and simple measurement of the values of the individual and the organisation. The value measurement provides amongst other things insight into how congruent the behaviour is with vision and strategy. The dialogue about the measurement leads to specific suggestions for improvement that can be implemented through the hierarchy or in projects/programs

As CCT certified consultants we can use the tools and knowledge of the Barrett Values Centre to support customers with their personal leadership, their role in the organisation and cultural transformation within the organisation. The tools lead to a specific action plan that is an integral part of the business strategie and the personal development plan of the leader(s).

The CCT tools have been used before to measure the values of more than 6000 organisations and 3000 leaders in around 80 countries. They can support integral change for any type of organisation. InterfaceFlor and Buurtzorg Nederland indicate in the article "Directing with core values" (dutch) from the Financieel Dagblad what management based on core values means for them.

We work from the conviction that organisations, teams and communities function better when their leaders are oriented towards value driven cultures that do justice to people and societies. And... if you can measure culture and behaviour through values, then you can also (better) direct them!

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