Vision and strategy...

... sound like "management speak", but without it nobody prospers! "Begin with the end in mind" is what Steven Covey says about the topic. Whether it is an extensive plan or de flip side of a coaster, you need direction and goals with every strategic change to accomplish success.

The content of vision and strategy can vary strongly. In innovation it's about markets, new/improved products, cost reduction and growth targets; in sustainability it's about impact on the environment, anticipating emerging market opportunities, lean use of materials and energy, etc. Irrespective of the theme the content of vision and strategy has to be alright!

Content is not enough though! Vision and strategy are there to be successful in the outside world.Without external orientation and customer orientation (eg. through inspiring and exploring) there will be no success. Critical is also to share the vision and strategy and get commitment. If you as a leader precede on your own, things will not work out. In the process towards vision and strategy the organisation needs to get involved and the ideas need to be enriched in interaction. A decent process, a good business case and adequate communication are the keys to integral change here. These process characteristics and adequate program management complement the initial coaster or plan and motivate the organisation to implement the vision and strategy successfully. Please contact us for a follow up conversation!